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Consultation & Contracting

Community Psychologists support communities to foster resilience and prevent problems before they start. This means promoting programs and policies to improve health and wellbeing. I am proud to partner with community agencies, healthcare systems, universities, and innovative initiatives locally and around the world. As an independent consultant I collaborate with healthcare and social service agencies to conduct needs assessments, evaluate programs, and implement new policies and standards.


My approach is one of power-sharing and collaboration. In both research and practice I consider myself a methodologist and generalist. However, I do have specific experience in health equity, tobacco cessation, youth mental health, older adult community care, integrated care, and coalition building. The common thread in all my consultation work is use of systems science, participatory methods, and mixed-methods data approaches. Projects vary from a single evaluative report to multi-year investigative partnerships. 


Past partners and collaborators include representation from: the CDC, NAMI, Wandersman Center, RAND Corporation, Serve & Connect, Dawn Chorus Group, IHI, and many academic affiliates at universities such as the University of South Carolina, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Duke University, Harvard University, Morehouse School of Medicine, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, and Brandeis University. 

I am a member of the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA), the Society for Implementation Research Collaboration (SIRC), and the Society for Prevention Research (SPR). See related publications here

Reach Out

Fees vary by partnership. Send an inquiry below and we will set up a 30-minute call to discuss scope and feasibility. 

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